In Memoriam – Ben T. Largusa [1926 – 2010]

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Grandmaster Ben Largusa.

Grandmaster Ben Largusa entered into eternal rest on October 3, 2010.  We will remember him fondly, not only as a great martial artist but also as a great friend, husband, father and grandfather.  He is preceded in death by his son, Lane and is survived by his wife, Philomena, daughter, Lois and sons, Jerry and Lindsey.


  1. Richard S. Bustillo -

    My fond Sympathies and Condolences to Manang Fely and the Largusa Ohana and the Kali Association of America. We may never know why some things happen. But we do know that the education, memories and experiences will live within forever. When Inosanto, Lucaylucay and I drove 8 hour to meet GM Largusa for the first time on a Saturday evening, we converse and interviewed Ben Largusa until early the next Sunday morning. It was the most enlightened, educational, rewarding and inspirational talks I’ve ever encountered at that time. Receiving the instructor’s blood ceremony experience from GM Villabrille and GM Largusa on February 18, 1980 in San Francisco will live with me forever. I am very grateful to have known and share this time and space on earth with Grandmaster Ben Largusa.

  2. David Wong -

    Our deepest Condolences to the Largusa family for their loss. GM Largusa was one of my dearest friend, teacher, and co-worker.I will truely miss him.
    David and Candy Wong

  3. Benjamin Mamuad -

    I send my condolences to the family of Grandmaster Ben Largusa. Although I did not personally know him, his name is well known to me since I was a child hearing his name from my Grandmaster and instructor during my training of Kali and Escrima. He left his mark on me as great man in my quiet world of solitare training. Peace be with the Largusa family. Sincerly, a Ronin.

  4. Romeo De Los Reyes -

    With respect and admiration and sincere condolences to his family and friends.

    Guro’ Romeo C. De Los Reyes
    Babao Arnis and Doce Pares

  5. Dale Yeager -

    Grandmaster Largusa rest in peace. Thank you for your wisdom and kind heart.

  6. Benjamin Vicente -

    The Vicente Family, Rosamilla, Benjamin, Elena, Steven and Francine would like to send our sincere condolences to Ben’s family. May he rest in peace. We were truly connected with the Largusa family growing up in Kilauea. Ben’s sister Aurea is my Godmother. Raleigh and I were fishing buddies in our youth. The years have passed and we lose connect with the “Kilauea” family but we will always cherish the fond memories we shared. God Bless you all. Benny Vicente

  7. Guro Alan Kaneko and Guro Lisa Kwiatkowski -

    We are deeply saddened by the loss of our beloved Grandmaster Ben Largusa. Grandmaster Ben was such a humble, kind, gentle, and Godly man, whose good and pure heart was evident every time we were blessed to be in his presence. We are so grateful to have known him. Grandmaster Ben was a great man, a legendary martial artist, who taught us more than Kali. He showed us the kind of person we wish we could be. He showed us through his own life — respect for others, wisdom, gentleness, courtesy, patience, and love for others. When we think of him, we remember him smiling, laughing, teaching, and encouraging. Grandmaster Ben, thank you for all you have given us, not only the amazing Villabrille-Largusa system of Kali, but also the very way you lived your life. It is our privilege to have known you and to be a part of the legacy you created. May God bless your soul, and may He give peace and comfort to your family and to all of us who will continue to love, cherish, and miss you.

    With greatest respect and condolences,
    Guro Alan Kaneko and Guro Lisa Kwiatkowski, who trained under Professor Jerry Pongasi and Guro Gavin Pongasi

  8. Paula Inosanto -

    Our sincere deepest condolences to the family of GM Largusa. The Martial Art community has lost a great martial artist. His legacy in the Filipino Martial Arts will live on with the utmost respect and honor. GM Largusa and his accomplishments will not be forgotten. We will honor his memory and his teachings with respect always.

    Dan & Paula Inosanto

  9. Donald Hamby -

    Peace be upon Master Ben T. Largusa and my condolences to his family.

  10. Stephen LaBounty -

    With deepest condolences and respect to the whole Largusa family. We remember fondly his gifts to us and the legacy he has left, and wish him a good journey.. Full Salute!
    Stephen LaBounty American Kenpo.

  11. Cissy Rojas -

    To The Largusa family and especially to Uncle Ben. Mahalo for giving my Dad Greg Rojas the opportunity to become an instructor. Since then my brothers Lance and Neil Rojas are studying Kali. The legacy continues and grows through the next generations. Uncle Ben will be missed and he has many instructors to continue the legacy of Kali.

  12. Emerson Ragudo -

    Condolences to Mrs. Largusa and Family, and also to my KAA family. I am blessed to be a part of a system that had a true Grandmaster! The philosophies and theories that he put together, to me it’s more than Kali, it’s about life. And I am honored to be a Guro to perpetuate the teachings of the Villabrille-Largusa Kali System. Rest in peace Grandmaster Ben!
    Guro Emerson Ragudo and Family
    (Ragudo School of Kali)
    Lahaina, Maui

  13. Alberto Perez -

    May he rest in peace and may his soul and spirit find everlasting tranquility in the bosom of the most high.

  14. Guro Leonard P. Crockett -

    Dear Mrs. Ben Largusa and the Largusa Family, Tuhan Mel, Professors, Guros and students of the KAA,
    With deep emotions and sincerity I offer my prayers for the blessings of harmony, peace and serenity to you all. I will always remember the generosity of Grandmaster Ben and his teachings of truth and respect. It has always been my privilege to participate in the KAA Villabrille-Largusa Kali System.
    Peace Be With You,
    In Kali,
    Guro Leonard Philip John Crockett

  15. Rose & Tony (Lucaylucay) Perez -

    Our deepest condolences to the Largusa Ohana. A GREAT man with a soft heart, welcoming smile and many talents, he will truly be missed. I had the honor to travel with Uncle, his Stockton students and my parents (Lucky & Rose) to Kauai to see Uncle Floro in the 80’s and what a memorable, fun trip it was. Thank you for the wonderful memories – until we will meet again, Ke Akua Pu….

  16. Rocky Twitchell -

    A hero and a legend…legends live forever !!!!!

    Rocky Twitchell & Students

  17. Dane Abrigana -

    Condolences to the Largusa family for their loss. GM Ben’s pursuit in perpetuating the Villabrille-Largusa Kali is nothing short of extraordinary. He will be missed.

    Aloha & respect in Kali,

    Dane Abrigana

  18. Randall Sojot -

    Grandmaster Ben Largusa will also be remembered by our small group of KALI practitioners here in Ewa Beach Hawaii. Grandmaster had mentioned, no matter what Randy, we are all family. Grandmaster Villabrille the man that founded a style of fighting and Grandmaster Largusa a student that studied under him an who moved like his teacher, brokedown the fighting style/skills so, it could be taught. Yes, these two great man of KALI the founder and, the simple man of KALI will be missed by their practitioners and, By Prof. Greg lontayao martial arts Organization here in Hawaii. If i may say, when you look back, it all started as family. Aloha Grandmaster Ben Largusa, rest in Peace. Love an Aloha to Da Largusa family. Peace be with you Lois, Lindsay, Jerry and Mrs. Largusa.
    EwaBeach KALI
    Randall Sojot

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