The Early Years

The late Great Grandmasters Floro Villabrille and Ben Largusa established a succession plan for the future of their system — Upon the death of the grandmaster, the tuhan succeeds him and inherits the Conveyance of Life Interest which gives him the exclusive right, license and authority to perpetuate the Villabrille – Largusa Kali System.

Prior to Grandmaster Largusa’s passing, he reaffirmed his wishes that Tuhan Lopez succeed him as grandmaster and to not have any lapse in the leadership of the system.  On October 3, 2010, upon Grandmaster Largusa’s passing, Tuhan Lopez succeeded him as grandmaster of the Villabrille – Largusa Kali System and named his personally chosen successor, Professor Jaime (James) Berdal as tuhan.  

Upon Grandmaster Lopez’ passing on March 10, 2022, Tuhan Berdal succeeded him as grandmaster.  To continue the succession plan, Grandmaster Jaime Z. Berdal named his younger brother Professor William (Willie) Z. Berdal as tuhan of the Villabrille – Largusa Kali system.

The torch has been passed and the legacy of Grandmasters Villabrille, Largusa and Lopez continues under the guidance of Grandmaster James Berdal and Tuhan Willie Berdal.