In Memoriam – Ben T. Largusa [1926 – 2010]

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Grandmaster Ben Largusa.

Grandmaster Ben Largusa entered into eternal rest on October 3, 2010.  We will remember him fondly, not only as a great martial artist but also as a great friend, husband, father and grandfather.  He is preceded in death by his son, Lane and is survived by his wife, Philomena, daughter, Lois and sons, Jerry and Lindsey.


  1. David Ducay -

    GM Ben Largusa will truly be missed, my sincere condolences. Though I had never had the honor to meet GM Ben his legacy and teachings will live on through his students and FMA practitioners who have included such training techniques as Esktoka and DeCadena. He will not only be missed by the FMA community but also by the general Martial Arts world. Aloha /MaBuHay David Ducay

  2. William E Hearst and family -

    My prayers go out to Master Ben Largusa family and loved ones. My instructor Guro Dan Inosanto always spoke so very highly of Master Largusa as both a martial artist of the highest calibre but also as a highly evolved human being. Master Largusas’ spirit is now with our Creator and his legacy will be felt and honoured for years to come.

    Ottawa, Canada

  3. "Army" Maguire -

    Our prayers and love go out to you for what you have contributed to all of us. . God Bless.
    All the family here in Los angeles of NNG Balintawak group.

  4. George Machino -

    Such a huge loss, you will be missed, Uncle, Ben. The very best to the rest of the family.


  5. Eloy Quintin -

    “God gave me a mouth to speak, and the grace to express thanks to those who give unselfishly, and the wisdom to teach those within my influence to say thank you for all they are given no matter from whom, no reservation of any, and without hesitation to all kind and good deeds.” – Byron Pulsifer

    Grandmaster Ben Largusa, your support and contributions in keeping Filipino Martial Arts alive are an inspiration to those of us making the same effort to share our art with the world. Thank you for all that you have done and for the legacy you have created for your successors.

    We extend our heartfelt prayers and condolences to the families and friends of GM Largusa. May you all find moments to reflect on and smile, when remembering him.

    Very Respectfully,
    Simo Eloy Quintin
    I.M.P.A.C.T. Athletes Martial Arts – Virginia Beach, VA

  6. Philip Gelinas -

    My sincerest condolences to the family and students of GM Ben Largusa. Through my years of training with Guro Dan Inosanto I have learned to appreciate the great debt of gratitude owed to this great man for his contributions to the martial arts world and the Filipino martial arts in particular.
    I never had the honor of meeting the man, but his legacy is everywhere and will be felt for a long, long time.

  7. Mike Klement -

    My sincerest condolences go out to the Largusa family.
    Rest in peace
    Inayan Lahong Guro

    Mike Klement

  8. Paolo Castaneda -

    I first heard about GM Largusa via Dan Inosanto’s book and eventually studied kali under Guro Kimo Talaroc when he was in Alaska. It is trully a great loss to the FMA world. My condolences to GM Largusa’s family and to the members of the KAA.

    Paolo Castaneda
    Head Instructor of Oslo Wu-Tan Guoshu Guan

  9. Arnold A. Noche -

    My sincere condolences goes out to the friends, family and students of the late Grandmaster Ben Largusa. I was fortunate to have met him back in 1993 through Professor Greg Lontayao. He will be sorely missed.


    Arnold A. Noche
    Lameco SOG

  10. Jason M. Tobosa -

    Aloha pumehana uncle Ben. It was with great honor and a privilege to have crossed this mans path in numerous ways in my life. I remember the days of him and aunty coming to the Cali. house for all of our graduation luaus and playing music until the early morning with my dad, uncles Jimmy, Rudy and aunty Josie Tenio. My dad use to call him ‘Mr. Clean’ because uncle Ben was ALWAYS looking sharp. ALWAYS! I loved his guitar playing as well. Even THAT was clean. But I also remember him always checking my strikes, blocks and counters in the back yard when I was 10 years old every time he visited. At that time it was like pulling teeth. Not realizing just how blessed I was to have been receiving his knowledge. I would have rather been playing ball. I am very blessed to have been in the unique situation of being blood related to 3 of the biggest names in the history of FMA. Raymond Tobosa, Gilbert Tenio and Ben Largusa. All of which have now passed. It is with a heavy heart that I write this note. Blessings to the entire Largusa ohana.

    He ‘Olina Leo Ka Ke Aloha – Jason M. Tobosa

  11. GM Nene Gaabucayan -

    In behalf of NNG BALINTAWAK INTL.My heartfelt condolences and sympathies to the families,friends and relatives of GM Ben Largusa.

    GM Nene Gaabucayan
    founder NNGbalintawak intl.

  12. Dwight Woods -

    I never got the chance to meet and/or train with Grandmaster Largusa but he and the Villabrille-Largusa Kali were always great influences on me since I first saw him, Mel Lopez, Lindsey Largusa, Tony Lamadora and Greg Lontayao in Fighting Arts magazine in March 1976 as well as through the teachings of my instructor Dan Inosanto and older brothers Cass Magda and Ted Lucaylucay.
    Long live the memory of GM Ben Largusa and long live Villabrille-Largusa Kali!

  13. Feb Omale -

    To Mr. Largusa’s Family,

    My brother-in-law and I are a student of Guro Toki here in Phoenix and we would like to extend our sincerest condolences to Mr. Largusa’s Family. It’s an honor to be learning Kali.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Feb Omale & Family

  14. Mario Erosa (Los Angeles Ca. / Trained under Guro Jerry Pongasi & Guro Gavin Pongasi -

    To Mrs. Largusa & all The Largusa Family, My deepest regrets and sympathy to all. I believe that heaven now has a very special angel to watch over you and your family. His life and spirit will live on thru the Martial Arts that he shared and taught to so many of his students ( past and present ). It has been many years since I was graced to be in his company, and I’ve lived my life as a Kali Man ever since. I will miss Grand Master Ben Largusa but his impact on my life will never be forgotten nor will his Kali teachings. One of his sayings was If you saved a man’s life then you truly have learned Kali… something I try to practice everyday.
    May God bless you all, Mario Erosa ( a friend and former student )

  15. Maestra Beverly Lucaylucay -

    Our hearts are heavy to have heard of the lost of Grandmaster Ben Largusa. He was a great martial artist, teacher, friend but most of all father. His life and legacy will live on forever in all of his followers, students and friends. Our condolences to his wife Philomena and family. Aloha for now Grandmaster, you will be missed by all, till we meet again Mahalo.
    From the Lucaylucay Family and on
    Behalf of Grandmaster Vince Maglinti

  16. Guro Errol Cadelinia -

    My sincere and deepest condolences to the family of Grandmaster Ben Largusa. I am forever thankful for the words, wisdom and knowledge I’ve gained from your teachings and few chance meetings. To all KAA and friends, yes, he will be missed but never forgotten.

    Peace be with you and God Bless You, Apohang Tuhan Ben Largusa

    A Hui Hou,
    Guro Errol And Lynne Cadelinia
    Maui, HI

  17. Jayson Sabarez (Bakersfield/Delano/Monterey Group) -

    My deepest condolences and prayers go to the Largusa families. I have not met Grandmaster Ben Largusa but have heard so much about. We consider ourselves and the rest of the Kombat Kali/boxing family who are still presently active in Bakersfield, Delano and Monterey, CA from the line of GrandMaster Lucky Lucay lucay, GrandMaster Ben T. Largusa and GrandMaster Floro Villabrille, the “Lucay Lucay/Largusa/Villabrille System” as descendants who will continue to honor, respect and keep the art. We are proud followers and we would like to wholeheartedly express our gratitude and thanks to Master Ben Largusa for continually taking the steps and continually establishing the legacy for us newer generations to follow and look up to. He is and will forever be remembered as a Filipino Ambassador and well-respected master of the Filipino Martial Art.

    Note: We would greatly appreciate if you could inform us about the date of the memorial service.

  18. Guro Dean Lee -

    My sincerest condolences to the Largusa family. I will always remember GM Ben for his wisdom, humor, patience, and most of all, his gift of Kali to us all who were fortunate enough to learn. Thank you, and peace be with you Grandmaster Ben.

  19. Lancelot Bausley -

    My heartfelt condolences to the family.

    Lancelot Bausley – Student, NNG Balintawak

  20. Willie B. Laureano -

    My most deepest condolences to All of GM Ben Largusa’s Family & Friends.

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